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bad dreams solution with astrology solutions bad dreams with astrology since ancient times, dreams have been a marvel of human consciousness. Even in the 21st century, when humans have landed on the moon and scale to large astronomical distances, dreams have not lost their mystical attraction. Dreams are still a mystery to us and at the same time pleasing effects and terrorizing upon us.

bad dream solution with astrology our religious scriptures abound in the extensive descriptions of dreams. The fact that a separate writing had to be created especially for dream analysis largely confirms its importance. However, we can say that the analysis of dreams into reality is an integral part of Astrology. Like astrology predictions which are made according to the movement of the planets, dreams also help us to make an inference based on the sequence of events that we witnessed during sleep.

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bad dream solution with astrology a secular divide their dreams generally in good times and bad. Invariably it takes nightmares as bad omens and vice versa. Modern intellectuals called mock belief in dreams as mere superstition. But it is also a fact that in Western countries likes the US, which is at least a century ahead of us in terms of technological development; dreams are an interesting research topic in modern science.

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