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Famous pandit can be an abundant profession practiced in our country, but not everyone has this field simply by learning some prayers and mantras. An astrologer must have a thorough knowledge of the guiding principles of Vedic astrology as principles, and should be fully aware of the various problems of our society and must be well versed in all branches of astrology. This may be as a result of astrology has several divisions such as personal astrology, predicting astrology, astrology vashikaran and occult, numerology etc. which can provide solutions to all or some form of problems that one can face. Many astrologers gain control over a particular branch of astrology and forget to take place within the fundamentals of astrology is the wrong approach.

To put it in other words, astrology is probabilistic, not deterministic. Man is free arbiter of his destiny through the ocean of life. Planetary configurations only indicated what is likely to happen or events of the probability of occurrence of which is, say 90 percent. But no astrological prediction is completely deterministic, is one that has a probability of 100 percent. This statement is based on the fact that the planets are material entities and may be influenced only a component material of man is the physical body and mind. The famous astrologer in India can describe all the details of stars. The soul in man is not affected or influenced in some way by the planets.

Famous pandit in india

Therefore there fatalism only in the material spheres. The soul is beyond fatalism. It is true that for most events and phenomena of human life, it seems that the results were predestined. This is due to the imperfections of the soul. In this one he remembers a famous quote by Pandit Ji, the famous scholar Pandit philosopher or medieval India. Which means that strong will and efforts can alter the course of their destiny? Therefore fate has influence on his life, largely, but not totally and completely. Our ancient sages and Rishis are famous for changing the destination and current courses through Kaliyuga time, the age of science, technology and machines. People tend to think, speak, try and work commercially. Spiritual consciousness is in decline. Astrology can be used to guide a person in a holistic sense directed to material progress and spiritual significance, given that salvation is the ultimate goal of the soul. Using the science of astrology to satisfy the curiosity of materials and realization of the material objectives must be means for the highest end, not an end in itself.

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