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Gemstones specialist have been highlighted is the use since ancient times to relieve or eliminate the harmful effects of the planets, and improving the powers and influences of the planets that favor the good and constructive. The gemstones are known for the ability to absorb specific planetary radiation, and thus protect the natives of the problems related to the probable health, finances, family, business / profession, social status, etc. Different gemstones have different impacts or outcomes; and gemstones influence not only the thoughts and actions of people who carry them, but also the entire body of these people. Therefore, before using a gemstone that a person is strongly advised to consult a mature and reputed astrologer, in order to avoid possible harmful effects of the gemstone.

Our specialist in precious stones Astrologer Pandit Ji approval suggests wearing any gemstone after an extensive and careful observation of your natal chart each client. Things considered when making the observation and analysis are the location and nature of the planets in the natal chart, transiting planets, good and bad effects of planets, good and bad astrology, etc. In addition to suggesting the most curative or beneficial gemstone, which also provides guidance regarding the most suitable to wear the gemstone suggested in specific finger, the most suitable for the ring pedestal metal moment, and purification and the energizing mantra and a process to perform well before using ring-studded precious stone.

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There are laws in pure science that have not been proven, but accepted as its effects are observed by us day after day and are called reverse laws also, and that have not been proved otherwise. Similarly the effects of gemstones are observed by those who use them in the right direction. Since the effects are very subjective and individual in nature, that are not in the scrutiny of the public and people in general they do not believe in their beneficial values. A particular stone absorbs all kinds of solar and cosmic energy and allows a particular type of energy to pass through it and is then absorbed by the body. If prescribed properly, this really helps the individual.

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pandit ji
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