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Love marriage expert astrologer Pandit Ji support for all the young men of his knowledge of astrology says that once the compatibility factor has often made people want to know what kind of husband / wife, etc. one would get specialist in marriage Love: Love marriage is a marriage arranged by the child and the child through their own choice in order customs. The fifth house indicates customs and traditions. Similarly religious customs are studied from the ninth house. The seventh house is synonymous with dating and marriage. Love marriage means giving both the customs and traditions in these letters the fifth house is occupied by strong planets. stronger the planet to give impetus to relations of marriage or love if Saturn followed by rah. In a male chart, if Venus is afflicted by Saturn conjunction or expected by or a marriage of love he said.

Understanding between the couple is the foundation of love marriage based on trust and reliability in both the decision of marriage and love endures forever, but unfortunately both lost trust each other and all situations are occurring against you, then it is the person who can make their situations worse in their support. Overall, it was found that marriage love or marriage are cast against a variety of objections, obstacles and other problems; and consequently, only a few of love or love marriages inter-plaster could materialize harmoniously. This is really a shabby and dilapidated event for honest and innocent people in true love. To help these people, the love of those who could not reach the stage of peaceful and happy union.

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In the seventh house it refers mainly to specialist Love in marriage, the husband and wife marital happiness. Therefore, the positions of the seventh master in different houses with reference to. Pandit Ji helps marital problems as legal marriage, but marriages, delayed marriage, marriage, marriage, happy married life, the unhappy married life Willing or legal marriage: In order to predict a legal marriage, determine first if it is destined to marry or not, what kind of marriage is possible, and when. How's married life? This problem is solved here and you can see the shape of the horoscope.

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