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Manglik dosh solution astrology occurs when the position of the planet Mars in 1,4,7,8,12, home. So if Mars is present in any of these five houses that will cause Manglik Dosha or Kuja dosha. Some astrologers also consider the dosha if Mars is in the 2nd house. 50% of people have this dosha in your birth chart. The biggest mistake regarding Manglik dosha in Vedic astrology is the death of a spouse, if one suffers from Manglik dosha. This does not happen in all cases. This happens when other bad combinations of the planets are also there in his letter. Manglik doshas in Vedic astrology is not there if Mars is present in your own home. Even if your home has a strong ninth beneficial effect planet Mars then placed in 7th and 8th house, they are canceled.

Mangal Dosha is known by other names such as Kuja Dosha, Bohm or Angarakha Dosha. It is a dosha generally found that it can annoy men and women correspondingly. In astrology, deliberated as placing the sphere of Mars most commonly known as Mangal, on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th house 12 a person graphic horoscope. Out of twelve houses in general their existence in any of these six houses roots of this dosha. Those who have this dosha are called Mangliks. This dosha generally disturbed by affecting married life obstacles and disorder, which sometimes leads to the exit and divorce. economic losses and problems with domain also indicated by Mangal Dosha.

Manglik dosh solution in india

Go to Navgraha temples diminish the negative effects Mangal Dosha instigated. However, there are only rare temples throughout the of India who are dedicated to Lord Mangal. The more standard temples are located in Tamil Nadu. Some are also in Guwahati, Assam located. The execution of these bids is very nominal Tuesday to reduce the harmful effects of Mangal dosha. Go to the temple and worship Hanuman on Tuesdays. Give vermilion and sweets. This Dosha is known for being a great difficulty in married life. In Hindu custom, in order to balance the effect of evil Manglik dosh, a woman must marry a Peepal tree or a banana before tying the knot with her husband-to-before he could marry a pot mud that must be destroyed shortly after the wedding ceremonies, suggesting that the bride has become a widow and the problem Manglik dosh has gone with This is called Kumbh Vivah.

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