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Pitra dosh solution a major flaw in the fault horoscope father is also considered. Many Pitrron the evil deeds of the ancestors, admits that some of the cremation correctly Pitrron not bother us if unhappy. Father coil defect occurs when the Sun, Moon, Rahu in Saturn or two no two are existing in the same house. Couple fault Defect Prevention father with children is extremely difficult to get after staying in the womb to the problem of recurrent spontaneous abortions should consider this defect. In the modern era, many people ignore their parents, elders and ancestors because of their busy life and great competition.

The reason for "PITRADOSH" is the behavior of the person who is not in sync with their religion, infidelity, alcohol habit, annoying others for no reason, take the debt and do not return to present illegal evidence, not they do offer donations on behalf of their ancestors. This will continue until these karmic debts are erased, either by suffering or good works that have been made by the person who has the Pitra Dosha. It is like a child inherits the assets and liabilities of their ancestors in this materialistic world, the descendants of the results of the above results are also transmitted.

Pitra dosh solution in india

The ninth house in the natal chart is the home of fortune or the father's house and manes. Conjugation of the Sun and Rahu in this house is the Pitra Dosha or Pitra Dosh, which is known to remove auspiciousness of the house. This Dosha is also formed if a family member dies unnatural death or if people do not offer their respects to the souls of their deceased loved ones. If you have a Pitra Dosha or anyone else in your family and want better solution Pitra Dosha solution we are here for your help providing you with the best solutions Pitra Dosha solution.

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