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Vastu shastra It is an ancient art and science, which contains principles and practices of building construction that ensures a harmonious balance between man and nature and thereby bring all round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. Vastu Shastra covers techniques for deciding directions, placement and positioning of the various aspects related to construction. According to Vastu, when buildings are in line with the underlying cosmic principles, they become part of the basic structure of the universe and vibrate in harmony with it.

Vastu Shastra These positive vibrations are believed to have a positive effect on the inhabitants. Vastu Shastra advantage and manipulates natural resources like sun, wind, air, etc., and the site topography, roads, trees and surrounding plants, water sources, etc. other structures to harness the positive energy and avoid imbalance in construction and achieve harmony between man, nature and the built environment.

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Vastu Shastra Vastu Shastra Specialist Pandit Ji The wine vastu word means anything that provides shelter. These principles called Vastu Shastra were evolved over thousands of years of experience and foresight of the ancient sages of India and are very valuable for the welfare of man-kind. Vastu provide related consultation without any demolition and do everything possible to improve the movement of energy in your office, home or shop so that you can obtain blessings and benefits of Vastu eight directions. You can consult via phone and email for any problems in his life.

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